Saturday, August 9, 2008

Late to the Starting Line

We rolled off the air mattress at 4:10, boiled water for coffee, got dressed, and repacked the car. After a quick stop for gas and ice, we hit the road.

From Carbondale up to the start of the race took about an hour. We pulled up to the start line as the rest of the racers were getting ready to head off. By the time we got the drop bags out, retied shoes, and Pam made a last minute trip to the facilities, the racers were long gone. The one other remaining racer was Laurie, who Pam had met at the 20in24 last month.

We took a couple of pictures, then Pam and Amanda headed out along the course. I'm off to find them at the first water stop.

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Andreia said...

Go Pam! Wishing you the best today!